ProDecon® offers Turnaround Project Planning and engineering support and can deliver Full-Service Contracting to ensure Safe, Predictable Outcomes.

Planning and turnaround engineers now have access to the ProDecon® team and their Abu Dhabi based plant and equipment such as fully integrated Circulation Units, Pump Skids and Mobile Pipe and Tool Store/Workshop Modules

From its local inventory, ProDecon® offers it’s market leading Pro-Decon88™ Liquid and Vapour Phase family of hydrocarbon decontamination solutions; Pro-Ox™ oxidation products to neutralize pyrophoric iron sulphide’s, and its innovative Pro-Solve™ Performance Restoration™ products to help regain profitable performance in heavy-residue Heat Exchangers and Pipework etc.

H2S a problem? ProDecon® Sulfide Treatment programs are tailored to wastewater needs for the destruction of sulfides and trace level BTEX.