Major black oils turnaround

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Major black oils turnaround

The Issue

ProDecon had been working for over 18 months to help a refinery plan their Black Oils turnaround. The client, due to a change in ownership cancelled all the contracts that it had in place. This meant that all planned works were pushed back by 8 months and would mean extensive re-planning.

The client requested an additional service from ProDecon and asked that the company deal with the waste water treatment from the decontamination works.

The Challenge

In just 216 hours ProDecon was tasked to clean 18 circuits over three separate units. The company used Decon 88™ which is specially formulated for heavy oils in liquid phase on and the Decon 88 VP™ in vapour phase. The units included the Crude Distillation unit, Vacuum Distillation unit and the Hydro treating Unit.
In addition to this ProDecon would have to deal with over 3,288 cubic meters of effluent that would need to be treated and discharged to the refinery’s own waste water treatment unit.

The Solution

In order to achieve all of the works in the allotted time ProDecon set about building 4 new specialised pumps units so that our crew could operate on circuits simultaneously. We also trained 10 new technicians so that we could operate teams day and night at the request of the customer. As well as our pump units our teams also operated 10 injection pumps in order to maximise the effectiveness of our Decon 88 VP. This resulted in our team carrying out exactly 6552 man hours without any incident.

Customer Benefits

  • Time-saving for the refinery through simultaneous operation of three cleaning circuits.
  • Effluent treatment carried out alongside cleaning, leading to cost saving.
  • ProDecon team working closely with client’s technicians, saving costs and passing on knowledge.