Our unique range of decontamination chemicals


ProDecon has developed highly active proprietary cleaning chemicals whose effectiveness has been proven over many years in many different installations. The chemicals have been shown to remove even the heaviest and the most intractable deposits in many oil and petrochemical plants.

The advantages are:

  • Outstanding cleaning performance

  • Elimination of hazardous gases, hydrocarbons and residues

  • Rapid entry into vessels post cleaning

  • Ease of chemical handling and storage
Above all the chemicals’ effectiveness provides customers with the assurance that the cleaning will be completed, year after year, to the demanding standards required by the industry.

Safe Predictable Outcomes

ProDecon's unique decontamination chemicals have been uniquely formulated to offer our clients consistently safe outcomes.

Decon 88™

ProDecon uses highly effective and sustainable compounds to create our leading range of Decon 88 chemicals.

High Perfomance Products

Powerful yet safe to handle and eco-friendly in use.
Our chemicals perform highly so you can as well.