Powerful yet safe to handle and eco-friendly in use.

Heavy-duty units need heavy duty solutions.  That’s when you can rely on ProDecon’s unique family of high performance decontamination products. Alongside performance, environmental and safety considerations are paramount and so our products are formulated to be powerful yet safe to handle and eco-friendly in use.

Decon 88™ – Powerful, natural and sustainable.

Proven on hundreds of decontamination circuits around the world Decon88’s powerful solvent action eliminates LELs and H2S and other hazardous gases. With its natural surfactant package, oily residues are swept into the cleaning solution leaving surfaces hydrocarbon free.

Decon 88 VP™ – Vaporises to search out oily residues on all contact areas

In its vapour phase version, Decon 88 VP is readily dispersed using ProDecon’s unique Vapour-Cube™ system. This ensures complete distribution to all contact surfaces throughout the circuit.  Once removed, the deposits cannot reattach

Pro-Ox™ – Eliminates pyrophoric fire risk

Finely divided iron sulphides are oxidized safely and completely using Pro-Ox. Delivered during a rinse stage Pro-Ox eliminates pyrophoric fire risk and helps to optimise cool-down time thereby enabling speedy vessel entry.