A safe and environmentally friendly cleaning procedure, key components of the formulations volatilise and are able to seek out and solubilise hydrocarbon residues throughout the contaminated circuit. This allows the surfactant package to wet the contact surfaces and stabilise the oil residues in water/condensate.

The solvent and surfactant package is based upon natural and totally sustainable sources.

Decon 88™’s natural solvent:

  • Dissolves in and reduces viscosity of all types of oil residues enabling them to easily disperse into an aqueous phase
  • Disperses easily in both oil and water
  • Easily vaporises to search out oily residues on all contact areas throughout the system.

Decon 88  surfactant package:

  • Wets the surface of the process equipment to release the oily residue and stop it from re-deposition
  • Dispersants stabilise the oil into the water or condensate phase
  • The oil dispersion has a quick-break component allowing rapid fracturing of the used emulsion for oil recovery and wastewater treatment.