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42 circuits across 3 distant sites in the same 12 day period. That’s the reality of ProDecon’s capability and not a safety or first aid recorded anywhere.

ProDecon’s full-service includes everything identified and agreed during the pre-engineering stage. Our Project Managers are here to help. They and their teams have many years of decontamination-specific experience and have faced just about every challenge that a multi-discipline turnaround can present. From the first site survey the Safety Commitment Plan is developed, all tie-ins are identified, blind and spools lists completed, access and pipe runs identified and ProDecon’s dedicated plant and equipment laydown and location footprints agreed.

Turnarounds. No place for amateurs.

Sulphide treatment

The Oxi-Cat process is a very efficient and low cost treatment procedure for reducing hydrogen sulphide and other compounds.

Project management

With decades of experience our Project Managers are ideally placed to help at any stage of your planning process

Fin Fan cleaning

In keeping with its tradition of continual innovation, ProDecon is winning repeat orders for its proven external fin fan cleaning cleaning method.