From site surveys through planning and documentation, ProDecon pay close attention to the details that others miss. Safety plans, blinding and spools lists through to delivery of our dedicated plant and equipment. Success is assured with our world renowned Decon 88™ chemistry and the expertise to use it.

  • All personnel and highly experienced project management
  • All Decon 88™ decontamination chemistry for both liquid and vapour phase projects. An outstanding list of successful projects shows impressive results and no failed a gas tests on vessel opening. Decon88™ products have an extremely low ecotox’ profile, are non-corrosive to all known metallurgy and are not hazardous to downstream processes. The resultant emulsions are easily fractured. The water phase being recovered to the refinery water treatment plant and the oil and chemical phase recovered to the site slop system
  • Project specific and ample Pipe & Tool modules with 100’s of meters of specialist quick-connect stainless steel piping all tagged, numbered and certificated ready for work.
  • Pipe-and-tool-store modules are fitted with safety racking system to enable safe transport and ease of access for handling of pipe, hose, spools and tools inventory on site.
  • Circulation Unit Modules properly and permanently equipped with task specific pumps and diesel drive unit, flow-direction control equipment, properly sized and vented break tank and a comprehensive array of safety controls
  • Specifically sized and mobile tube-and-shell Heat Exchangers mounted in protective cages and complete with insurance and test certification
  • All portable chemical testing and monitoring equipment and, where required, mobile lab units
  • Modular wastewater containers, trailers, bunded chemical storage and stillage’s and fully equipped spill kit units.