Fin Fans are a critical component in maintaining the smooth running of the oil refinery. However, they are often over looked in favour of other maintenance projects. There are many benefits of clean Fin Fans:

  • Reduced energy costs – When the fins become blocked it means that they require more energy to keep running efficiently. By making sure that the fin are clean of environmental detritus it reduces the amount of energy needed to power them, therefore saving money.
  • Improved cooling performance and unit efficiency – If the air coolers are dirty and not functioning at their optimum levels then they will not be cooling the process medium as they should. Therefore by cleaning the fins the increased cooling performance can enhance the overall performance of the unit.
  • Prolonged unit life – Through pro-active maintenance and cleaning, the life of the unit can be extended, leading to a substantial savings in the long term.
  • Removes all debris and corrosive elements – As the fans are picking up debris from the surrounding areas it is possible that they pick up elements that could damage or corrode the fins or tubing. By removing the debris it can reduce the risk of corrosive elements corroding the tubing.