Dry media- As ProDecons media is dry it means that any clean up can be done by sweeping up the spent media. Also rig up time is reduced as electrical components don’t have to be isolated.

Soft- Unlike aggressive methods such as water blasting, ProDecons modified, soluble crystals are delivered at low pressure through a media specific specialist blasting system to clean between the fins without damaging them.

Access- Our operators can clean the fans from the bottom-up meaning that there is no need for scaffolding or other temporary platforms. This has two major benefits, as the operators can work underneath the fans there is no chance of them damaging the delicate Fins by standing on them. Secondly, our operators do not need to access to the plenum chamber and this reduces the hazards faced by workers.

Reduced waste- Compared too many other chemicals and cleaning media, ProDecons media is more efficient per square metre.

Environmentally friendly- ProDecons media contains no harmful solvents or caustics. Therefore it can be flushed into the refinery dirty water system to no adverse effects.

Worker safety- Our media contains no free silica making it safer for operators and those in the surrounding area.

Metallurgy compatible- Due to the inertness of the media it is safe to use on all types of metals.