Sulphide treatment is the latest development from the USA and is gaining rapid acceptance. Used in publicly owned waste water treatment, the reactant has catalyst like properties providing almost instant conversion of sulphides to elemental sulphur thereby eliminating risk to workers, corrosion issues and odour concerns.

In oily water/produced water and water tank storage, sulfides present major corrosion concerns which can be tackled cheaply and quickly on a campaign basis. The process is proven for its effective treatment of contaminants of concern such as mercaptans and odours associated with hydrogen sulfide and other sulfonated compounds and treats a wide variety of organic chemicals including a long list of chlorinated solvents, pesticides and other recalcitrant chemicals.

The Oxy-Cat™ sulphide treatment process is very simply applied as a contracted service in lagoon and outfall applications and is readily adaptable to supplement or replace existing oxidative wastewater treatment systems.